Sewing your first item of clothing

Sewing is definitely easier when you don’t know how. That’s odd you might think but not really, when you don’t know the hurdles you may face then you approach it with abandon. Just like a 2 year old who gleefully jumps in a pool assuming they can swim because all the other kids can (in this case there is always a watchful parent in the water waiting to catch them).

I approached sewing in the same way.

My sewing adventures started around 15 years ago. I was getting married and was out shopping for a wedding dress. Now this was a long time before ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ was aired in the UK….

Every shop I looked at I was appalled at the cost of dresses, I knew that I couldn’t spend hundreds on a dress I would only wear for one day. (yeah I know I am not the romantic Disney princess type).

So not letting the fact that I had never sewed or used a sewing machine in my life stop me, I came up with the amazing idea to do it myself.

And there my journey started armed with a cheap Janome sewing machine purchased from Argos and a paper pattern.


It was the best sewing journey I’ve done because I didn’t know the pitfalls. I just thought I could do it pitched up on the kitchen table of a 1 bedroom flat.

Anyway it all came together in one giant miracle, with boning, lining, an invisible zip and it fit perfectly.



My journeys since haven’t been so smooth and I have upgraded to a much better machine BabyLock, I have a Juki Overlocker (Serger), a Janome cover stitch and Memory craft embroidery machine. But I love all my adventures in sewing and I always need a project, luckily I have a pretty demanding family 🙂