Teacher Gifts

So it’s nearing the end of school and there is the usual dilemma of what to get the teachers. It’s not only one or two teachers either, we have all the teaching assistants and the Brownie leaders to think of too.

I really appreciate the work the teaching staff do, it’s hard work and they are under appreciated.

The Brownie leaders are outstanding, they do a full time job then for fun they do another one after work leading those spirited girls through activities, trips and earning those badges.

I can barely function after a full day at work then doing the usual family stuff after work I don’t know how they fit it in.

Anyway so back to the presents to show appreciation. I was going to get my girls to do some crafting but thought I can’t subject the teachers to more craft so I’ve caved in it will be vouchers, chocolates and bottles of wine as appropriate.

I did do some bags though to keep the gifts in, I love crafting!